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Annual Report

Annual Report
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Annual Report - Cases of non-acceptance of Commission's advice and non-consultation with Commission 1997
Annual Report - Delays and other deficiencies in vigilance matters 1997
Annual Report - Chief Vigilance Officers 1997
Annual Report - Procedures/Systems improvements suggested by the Commission 1997
ANNEXURES - Organisation-wise details of punishments imposed during 1997 in respect of cases where Commission's advice was obtained
ANNEXURES - Illustrative nature of prima facie lapses/irregularities detected in the execution of works 1997
ANNEXURES - Illustrative list of cases in which lapses/ irregularities noticed by CTEO were referred to CVOs for investigation from vigilance angle
ANNEXURES - Illustrative examples of Commission's first stage advice on CTEO's inspection reports 1997
ANNEXURES - List of organisations which have ten or more vigilance cases pending for investigation 1997
Annual Report 1996
Annual Report 1995
Annual Report 1994
Annual Report 1993
Annual Report 1992
Annual Report 1991