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Annual Report

Annual Report
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Annual Report 2002
Annual Report 2001
Annual Report 2000
Annual Report 1999
ANNEXURES -Illustrative cases of prima facie irregularities/lapses noticed CTEO's inspections-1998
ANNEXURES -Illustrative list of cases in which lapses/ irregularities noticed by CTEO were referred to CVOs for investigation from vigilance angle-1998
ANNEXURES -Illustrative examples of Commission's first stage advice on CTEO's inspection reports-1998
ANNEXURES-Details of reports issued up to 31.12.97 on which replies are awaited for a year or more as on 31.12.98
ANNEXURES-List of organisations which have ten or more vigilance cases pending for investigation-1998
ANNEXURES-List of some major organisations which did not send any Quarterly Progress Reports during 1998
ANNEXURES-Gist of subjects covered by circulars issued by some Organisations-1998
ANNEXURES-List of organisations who are yet to submit reports on complaints forwarded by the Commission-1998
Jurisdiction, Role and Functions - 1998
ANNEXURES-List of organisations yet to approach the Commission for nomination of CDIs for appointment as Inquiry Officer - Cases pending for more than six months-1998
Advisory Role of the Commission-1998