The Central Vigilance Commission presents its Thirty-fourth Report relating to the calendar year 1997.


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New Delhi
Dated : 31st March, 1998




            The Commission is grateful to the Department of Personnel and Training for its assistance.

            The Commission thanks the Central Bureau of Investigation for its cooperation.

            The Commission appreciates the prompt and helpful response of all the Chief Vigilance officers.

            The Commission appreciates the technical support extended by the National Informatics Centre.



1. Jurisdiction, Role and Functions                                                    

2. Advisory Role of the Commission                                         

3. Examination of civil and other works by    Chief Technical Examiner's    Organisation

4. Review meetings taken by the Commission during 1997

5. Cases of  non-acceptance of Commission's advice and non-consultation with Commission

6. Delays and other deficiencies in vigilance  matters

7. Chief Vigilance Officers

8. Procedures/Systems improvements suggested by the   Commission


1. Organisation-wise details of punishments imposed  during 1997 in respect of cases where Commission's advice         was obtained

2. Illustrative nature of prima facie lapses/irregularities  detected in the execution of works

3. Illustrative list of cases in which lapses/ irregularities noticed by CTEO were referred
    to CVOs for investigation from vigilance angle

4. Illustrative examples of Commission's first stage  advice on CTEO's inspection reports

5. Details of reports issued up to 31.12.96 on which replies are awaited for a year or more as on 31.12.97

6. List of organisations which have ten or more vigilance cases pending for investigation

7. List of some major organisations which did not send any Quarterly Progress Reports during 1997

8. List of organisations who are yet to submit reports  on complaints forwarded by the Commission

9. List of organisations yet to approach the Commission  for nomination of CDIs for appointment as Inquiry Officer - Cases pending for more than six months

10. List of organisations yet to appoint CDIs  nominated by the Commission

11. Organisation-wise list of cases in which Commission has not received information about implementation of its advice

12. List of organisations which have not furnished Statistical Returns for any quarter during the year 1997

13. Performance of Chief Vigilance Officers during  the period 1.1.97 to 31.12.97

14. Pendency with Chief Vigilance Officers             


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